Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? is in a Love Situation

After the USA, Jamaica, and the UK Tarrus Riley’s Love Situation tour finally led the singer to Europe, and of course he couldn’t miss to stop by Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? to share the joy of his live experiences. Singy Singy also speaks his mind on his latest record, the same name rocksteady album, the controversy of his Greatest Creation video, and the collaboration with Iba MaHr for the Diamond Sox remix. In the meantime fireman Capleton just finished his tour and reveals what he enjoyed the most. And for those, who prefer to listen music at home, episode 16 offers a whole bunch of new videos and releases by Etana, Richie Stephens, Delly Ranx, and Sara Lugo.

Music, Dance and Travel with Riddim #76

To the most beautiful beaches, the highest mountains, and the freshest waterfalls I led 17 young ladies for two weeks in September, as I tour guided them on their first travel to Jamaica. Yet the main reason for their trip organized by Swaggi Maggi and her Top Up Production was dancing and getting to know the real authentic Jamaican dancehall cutlure. How the journey went and what the girls expierenced is all to read in the latest issue of Riddim. Furthermore I met selector and producer Rory of Stone Love to understand his voyage of life and tell the fantastic metamorphosis from hype sound man to roots revoluntionary. An intense reasoning with singer Jesse Royal, background stories on the new albums of Sara Lugo and Martin Zobel, and an old, just found interview with Jesus Dread Yabby You are more highlights of the magazine. Edition #76 will be in stores, but can also be ordered postage-free online.