Old friend with a new name: Prodi visits Munchy’s Yaad

Many people know Calvin Whilby as Prodigal Son, who enjoyed great success for the past 15 years with his gospel music and no less than ten chart-topping albums. This year marked the release of his 11th record, that has the singer heading in an entirely new musical direction as he is now making reggae and dancehall. Meet the singer who is now called Prodi at Munchy’s Yaad, where he reveals what even after the change still remains the same, how he differentiates religion and spirituality, and what he enjoys apart from music.

New show on Reggaeville: Munchy’s Yaad

At my home in Kingston, Munchy’s Yaad I welcome new talents and strong vocalists with positive spirits, that have never before been video interviewed for Reggaeville. Every other week we will be introducing to you strong personalities and great talents with deep talk and of course music. The first episode brings to you Junior Reid’s son Yung J.R. Enjoy even more vibes with the live jam of him and fellow musicians Ras Muhamad and Tóke.