The Reggae Ambassador of Indonesia visits Munchy’s Yaad

In his home country he is a popular Reggae star, who is invited to the Tonight Show and plays his own weekly radio programme. This year Ras Muhamad from Jakarta visited the roots of his favorite music for the first time, as he travelled to Jamaica – flying no less than 36 hours. Of course, he couldn’t miss to also pass through Munchy’s Yaad to speak about his experiences in Kingston, the struggle with jet lag, and the status of Reggae in Indonesia.

Taking Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? 2 The World

Just before hitting the stage at Freising’s Uferlos festival the Italians of Mellow Mood took the time to pass through Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? and share some detailled insights on their brand new album 2 The World. Relaxed and enlightening Jacob, Lorenzo and Giulio spoke about the international guests on the record, how working under pressure still shows results eventually, and what to expect from their producer Paolo Baldini. New releases are also out by Exile Di Brave, Alpha Blondy, and Pentateuch, who dropped a video for the first single off their EP Chapter V. So will Jah9, who granted us an exclusive sneak preview of her upcoming clip for Gratitude.

Family link up at Munchy’s Yaad with Runkus and Determine

Most times Runkus introduces himself as Paula Son, but to Munchy’s Yaad he didn’t bring his mother but his father, who is no other than dancehall star Determine. Following the footsteps of the 90s hitmaker the son is also making music. To find out how that sounds, you can enjoy the jam of his latest single ‘Victims’. What else Runkus learned from his father and what Determine thinks of his son’s works is to hear in the intense talk at Munchy’s Yaad.

Straight from the island: Riddim #79

For the second time the editors of Riddim magazine present an entire issue ‘made in Jamaica’ – researched, inspired by, and written on the island. I also used my three months in the Caribbean to dig up fascinating stories for the massive at home and experienced some exciting adventures myself while doing so. For the interview with fellow sound engineer Greeg Morris I got to visit Bob Marley’s legendary Tuff Gong Studios for my first time ever. Dexta Daps and I discovered to be secret and yet unknown twins as we are both born on January 12. And for my story on vegan and health food I followed my taste and appetite around the city of Kingston. Also worth a read and surely enjoyable are the stories on former mad man and now superstar Gully Bop, young old schooler Yung J.R and Dr K’nife’s thoughts and ideas on the decriminalization of ganja in Jamaica.