Girl Power for High Power Radio

Even though Dancehall is male dominated, there is yet a huge amount of female fans, listeners and protagonists. How they feel about crude pick up lines, romantic moves and big posing, is what the High Power Radio team of DJ Sensay and Trader wanted to find out. They went for two experts to join the show: Steffi Dance and me. We are indeed women and who knows better what women think and what women love than women?!? Our column will present revealing and possibly surprising conversations on High Power Radio. The brand new episode (Hyperlink) of the show that includes the very first real girls talk is now online.

More unity, less competition – Mad Cobra speaks out in Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!?

Being in the business for almost 30 years deejay Mad Cobra has seen and experienced a lot in Dancehall. From major label deals and Billboard chart hits to dubplate scammers Mr Helta Skelta knows the ups and downs of the business and is in a talking mood to share provoking thoughts and positive ideas to help improve the Jamaican music scene in Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!?. Besides his genuine messages to splicers and fellow artists the brand new episode also features the latest tours in Europe and the US by artists like Sizzla and Raging Fyah, and presents new singles and videos such as Ras Tweed’s Praises.

Riddim #86 got the travel bug

Under the motto “Destination Jamaica” a group of authors gathered for the recent Riddim magazine to leave the beaten tracks and discover adventure outside the popular spots and resorts. Ellen Koehlings and Pete Lilly hiked the island’s highest mountain, the Blue Mountain Peak, and Mel Cooke sunbathed at gems from Negril to Portland. Together with Alex “Drummie”Domhoever I report from a journey to the musical heart of Kingston, the Trenchtown area, where instrumentalists from all over the world join forces for “Musicians without boarders”, a project in which children in volatile communities receive free musical training. Also drummer Alex tought youths in Bob Marley’s legendary Culture Yard and shares his exciting experience. Without a plane ticket at hand, we still take you on musical journeys with news from Swiss Cali P and German Patrice, who share their thoughts and “iThoughts”. For the cover story Damian Marley reveals yet unknown stories on his upcoming record “Stony Hill”. Edition 86 is in stores now. Subscriptions are available online on