The rebel in all of us! As a guest at the Rebelology podcast series

This time I was not asking the questions but answering them. That itself is a little unusual or rebellious, isn’t it?!? But it was just a great pleasure and certainly inspiring to indulge in a deep reasoning about feminism, the art of interviewing and of course rebellion with fellow host Leigha A. Hager. Her podcast series Rebelology is diverse and powerful, just like her guests, and I am very grateful I got to be one of them for the second season.

Wha Gwaan Munchy?!? Summerjam Special

Summerjam ah gwaan!

After three years of break due to the pandemic the 35th staging of Germany’s largest Reggae festival Summerjam took place again on the first weekend of July in Cologne. The line-up was superb, fans enjoyed energetic performances by superstars such as Sean Paul, Shaggy, and Gentleman, and the summery sunshine weather topped up the amazing vibes ultimately. Also backstage the atmosphere was joyous and positive and led to a good amount of intriguing interviews with the artists. Konshens, Sean Paul, Nkulee Dube and the family of Max Romeo were just some of my guests on the microphone that shared their latest news and stories with us. All video interviews from the weekend are online on Reggaeville’s YouTube channel now. A particular highlight is the in-depth conversation with French Reggae duo Jahneration that shared their personal history from Rock’N’Roll beginnings, their creative ideas for not just music but visuals and video games, and also gave an outlook on their upcoming Jahneration Fest in December as they were guests of the Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? Summerjam Special.