Wha Gwaan Munchy?!?

A bright Future by Dub Inc for Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!?

In 2011 I conducted my very first video interview for Reggaeville ever with Komlan and Zigo of Dub Inc at Summerjam. Today, more than 11 years later and blessed with a little more grey hair, Aurélien “Komlan” Zohou joined me once more in front of the camera to partake in Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? to discuss not just the band’s splendid latest album Futur but also their emotional and deeply touching documentary Jamais Seul as well as a very special show ahead. Besides the interview we take a look at recent releases from Etana, Ini Kamzoe and XTM.Nation that present part three of the Fatis Tapes In The Oven series.