Jerone Rising

Real People Music presents Jerone’s debut EP Rising

After three well-received singles we are happy to announce the release of Jerone’s first EP entitled Rising on December 4, 2020. Five tracks all produced by Alex Drummie for Real People Music range from rocksteady to classic one drop and modern roots reggae, and show the diversity and skills of young talent Jerone Riley. His lyrics about love, self-confidence and own identity, as well as friendship and trust are deep and touching stories everyone can relate to and were written by the gifted singer from the Waterhouse community in Kingston, Jamaica. Besides guest artist Evie from the No-Maddz, who is featured on the opening track The Search Is Over, the EP unites prolific and prestigious instrumentalists from Jamaica and Germany, and veteran musicians such as Errol “Flabba” Holt of Roots Radics and Franklyn “Bubbler” Waul of Black Uhuru. Until the final release, fans can already enjoy the previously released singles Brother’s Keeper, Give Me A Minute and Keep You Safe.

Keep It Real Podcast

Keep It Real meets Real People

Because “real know real” it was really just a matter of time until the Keep It Real Crew would invite the producers of Real People Music to their popular podcast. For the “spontaneous anniversary”, the 25th episode, Munchy joined the series to talk about Reggae journalism and the industry, Jamaica, sexism, the works of Real People Music, and eventually her favorite food. Talk di tings with Munchy is free to listen to on Soundcloud and so are all the other very intriguing 24 episodes of the Keep It Real podcast.

Wha Gwaan Munchy?!?

Gentleman returns to Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? for German lessons

After more than 20 years in the business and six solo albums in English, Reggae superstar Gentleman dropped his first German album Blaue Stunde on November 20, 2020. Prior to the release we linked for a virtual Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? episode to talk realness and honesty, privacy and personality, walking the dog and Don Corleon’s language skills. Additionally the 55th shows introduces new music by Exile Di Brave, Rocky Dawuni, Kenny Smyth & Kumar, and Eesah.

festiville 2020

Festiville 2020

Even though there are not really any major music events taking place throughout this Corona summer of 2020, Reggaeville decided to still publish its digital festival magazine Festiville.

Without events or dates yet ram packed with galleries from past festivals and concerts, reviews and interviews the magazine, that is free to read and download, offers great insights, news and stories about artists such as Richie Spice, Luciano, and Etana. I got the chance to link with Dre Island and no other than the legendary Gargamel Buju Banton to discuss their respective brand new records, as well as the current global situation due to Corona, and their love for Jamaica. Speaking to the Gargamel was surely one of my personal music and professional highlights, and so hopefully is the read of the interview for you all!

Riddim Magazine

Veterans run Riddim #101

Naturally Riddim’s cover this summer is graced by the great Buju Banton, who is just about to release his brand new album Upside Down by the end of the month. But he is not the only veteran to highlight the latest edition of the German print magazine. An insightful portrait of the late great Bob Andy is another touching piece of #101, and also my story about the new dream team of Sound Quake looks back in time and on the long history of the German sound system going back to fax messages and landline telephones. The new Riddim magazine that of course also includes modern day heroes and stories from Lila Iké, Stonebwoy, and Chronic Law is in stores now and awaits your read!

Riddim Magazine

Congratulations! Riddim celebrates 100 print issues!

The German Riddim magazine is one of the most prolific and long standing media houses to report and highlight Reggae music, roots, and culture. Being a member of the team of editors I was happy and grateful to both congratulate as a huge fan on the 100th print issue, and also contribute an article about Reggae Month in Jamaica to the anniversary edition. This magazine has taught me so much, made me laugh and cry, and was and will always be one of the most important pillars of worldwide Reggae journalism. Congratulations!