Kicking off the second season of Munchy’s Yaad

Jamaica bursts with musical talent. For the second season of Munchy’s Yaad I invited some of them to my home in Kingston to give them the opportunity to introduce their art to the international audience. Six strong personalities with even stronger voices spoke out in an honest, relaxed interview before the took over mic and camera to present a piece of their music just as natural. Kicking it off is Mackeehan from Cassava Piece, who just dropped his debut EP.

Grand Season Finale: Sevana crowning the last episode of Munchy’s Yaad

As the sun has set over Kingston, also the lights at Munchy’s Yaad are turned down low, but a show that is “all about music” could not have found a better ending of the first season than with an amazing young multi-talent, who considers herself just the same. As singer, songwriter and part of the In.Digg.Collective Sevana has a lot to tell about her collaborations with Protoje for his latest album, her own single Bit Too Shy and the beginnings of her career by the breakfast table.

German-Indonesian by passport, Jamaican by heart: Tóke at Munchy’s Yaad

What motivates a young German-Indonesian to make Jamaican music? How did he get his first guitar? And how did he experience his first ever trip to the motherland of Reggae? Newcomer Tóke shares all this and even more in a relaxed talk at Munchy’s Yaad, before he grabs his instrument for a jam with fellow musicians Yung J.R and Ras Muhamad, as well as Runkus and Determine.

The Reggae Ambassador of Indonesia visits Munchy’s Yaad

In his home country he is a popular Reggae star, who is invited to the Tonight Show and plays his own weekly radio programme. This year Ras Muhamad from Jakarta visited the roots of his favorite music for the first time, as he travelled to Jamaica – flying no less than 36 hours. Of course, he couldn’t miss to also pass through Munchy’s Yaad to speak about his experiences in Kingston, the struggle with jet lag, and the status of Reggae in Indonesia.

Family link up at Munchy’s Yaad with Runkus and Determine

Most times Runkus introduces himself as Paula Son, but to Munchy’s Yaad he didn’t bring his mother but his father, who is no other than dancehall star Determine. Following the footsteps of the 90s hitmaker the son is also making music. To find out how that sounds, you can enjoy the jam of his latest single ‘Victims’. What else Runkus learned from his father and what Determine thinks of his son’s works is to hear in the intense talk at Munchy’s Yaad.

Old friend with a new name: Prodi visits Munchy’s Yaad

Many people know Calvin Whilby as Prodigal Son, who enjoyed great success for the past 15 years with his gospel music and no less than ten chart-topping albums. This year marked the release of his 11th record, that has the singer heading in an entirely new musical direction as he is now making reggae and dancehall. Meet the singer who is now called Prodi at Munchy’s Yaad, where he reveals what even after the change still remains the same, how he differentiates religion and spirituality, and what he enjoys apart from music.

New show on Reggaeville: Munchy’s Yaad

At my home in Kingston, Munchy’s Yaad I welcome new talents and strong vocalists with positive spirits, that have never before been video interviewed for Reggaeville. Every other week we will be introducing to you strong personalities and great talents with deep talk and of course music. The first episode brings to you Junior Reid’s son Yung J.R. Enjoy even more vibes with the live jam of him and fellow musicians Ras Muhamad and Tóke.