The rebel in all of us! As a guest at the Rebelology podcast series

This time I was not asking the questions but answering them. That itself is a little unusual or rebellious, isn’t it?!? But it was just a great pleasure and certainly inspiring to indulge in a deep reasoning about feminism, the art of interviewing and of course rebellion with fellow host Leigha A. Hager. Her podcast series Rebelology is diverse and powerful, just like her guests, and I am very grateful I got to be one of them for the second season.

Irie Chat Munchy

Having an irie podcast with Irie Chat

It was irie indeed when the US podcast series Irie Chat invited me to be their guest on the show. Host Joél Barsky digged deep in my journalistic history, from my beginnings as a hardcore Michael Jackson-fan to highlights like the several Lee Perry interviews I did. We reasoned about favorite musicians and personal projects like our label Real People Music and the works HELP Jamaica! does, the NGO I volunteered for while living in Jamaica. The podcast is online on most audio platoforms, Spotify and YouTube but there are also several video clips to be found on the Irie Chat channel.

Keep It Real Podcast

Keep It Real meets Real People

Because “real know real” it was really just a matter of time until the Keep It Real Crew would invite the producers of Real People Music to their popular podcast. For the “spontaneous anniversary”, the 25th episode, Munchy joined the series to talk about Reggae journalism and the industry, Jamaica, sexism, the works of Real People Music, and eventually her favorite food. Talk di tings with Munchy is free to listen to on Soundcloud and so are all the other very intriguing 24 episodes of the Keep It Real podcast.

Titten, Thesen, Temperamente

After Steffi Dance and I turned the High Power Radio hosts Sensay and Theo into ladies men and women whisperer, the two sound men can’t just live without our support again. Titten, Thesen, Temperamente (Tits, Theses, Temperaments) is bursting with girl power and now a regular on the monthly radio show. We deal with everything that is relevant to modern Dancehall Queens – while the kings are invited to listen carefully, too.

Radio from Argentina to Bavaria

Not once but twice I switchted from interviewer to interviewee this November. For Argentine Reggae radio La De Dios I was asked by my colleague Santi Palazzo, fellow presenter of Radio Rototom. We spoke about women in Reggae and women in the world, new means of production for media, and of course the music, that brought us both together. To top it up, Santi also added a write-up to it. In the meantime in Bavaria things got a bit more rustic and hearty. On Bayern 1 backpacker show Rucksackradio everything’s about the mountains, that you can also find in Jamaica. Its highest, the Blue Mountain Peak, is the one my friend Gavin and I chose to climb this past February – at night, only with flashlights, to await sunrise at the very top. In Bettina Ahne’s radio show I tell her about the experience, that you can also listen now online or, especially if you don’t understand Bavarian, at least enjoy the photo gallery..

Girl Power for High Power Radio

Even though Dancehall is male dominated, there is yet a huge amount of female fans, listeners and protagonists. How they feel about crude pick up lines, romantic moves and big posing, is what the High Power Radio team of DJ Sensay and Trader wanted to find out. They went for two experts to join the show: Steffi Dance and me. We are indeed women and who knows better what women think and what women love than women?!? Our column will present revealing and possibly surprising conversations on High Power Radio. The brand new episode (Hyperlink) of the show that includes the very first real girls talk is now online.

On the other side – interviewed by One Sound

“Which artist did an acrobatic trick during the interview?” was one of Filip Jaskiewicz’ questions to test me. For once not me – but him – being the one to conduct the interview was an interesting and exciting experience. Humorously and charming Filip asked me about journalism, but also my travels to Jamaica, volunteering for HELP Jamaica!, and my work as a sound engineer for Righteous Riddims. You can check out the interview on the Polish Reggae-Blog One Sound.

Old School Reggae In The UK – Documentary

Reggae plays a major role in the UK music scene, and not just because of the many Jamaican immigrants. Why England drew so many people from the island, how the music evolved, and what the magic of reggae that still touches many young artists is all about, those are the issues the Markus Hautmann touched for his latest documentary Old To The New – Old School Reggae In the UK. Winston Francis, Randy Valentine, and Holly Cook share their experiences, and I had the pleasure to chat with Dennis Alcapone and revisit the history of the genre. Enjoy a little time travel with interviews and live material on Youtube.

Munchy’s Retrospective 2011

Buju Banton’s verdict, the tragic murder of Copper Cat, Vybz Kartel being charged – yet again 2011 was a year full of ups and downs for the reggae and dancehall scene. For twelve months we celebrated, shared laughter and sometimes also tears. Time for me to take a look back and focus on the tops, flops and hits with a 90 minute review. Join me on and listen to the show on Dec 25th, 7pm. A free download will also be available on Soundcloud.

2010 Retrospective

Once again I will be producing and hosting the year’s retrospective on raggakings.
Two hours on anything about the last 12 months in reggae and dancehall music: the greatest hits, the maddest hypes, the worst flops and anything else that has happened. The show will be aired on December 26th at 6pm.
For those who miss it or want to hear it again, a podcast will be available.