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Veterans run Riddim #101

Naturally Riddim’s cover this summer is graced by the great Buju Banton, who is just about to release his brand new album Upside Down by the end of the month. But he is not the only veteran to highlight the latest edition of the German print magazine. An insightful portrait of the late great Bob Andy is another touching piece of #101, and also my story about the new dream team of Sound Quake looks back in time and on the long history of the German sound system going back to fax messages and landline telephones. The new Riddim magazine that of course also includes modern day heroes and stories from Lila Iké, Stonebwoy, and Chronic Law is in stores now and awaits your read!

Riddim Magazine

Congratulations! Riddim celebrates 100 print issues!

The German Riddim magazine is one of the most prolific and long standing media houses to report and highlight Reggae music, roots, and culture. Being a member of the team of editors I was happy and grateful to both congratulate as a huge fan on the 100th print issue, and also contribute an article about Reggae Month in Jamaica to the anniversary edition. This magazine has taught me so much, made me laugh and cry, and was and will always be one of the most important pillars of worldwide Reggae journalism. Congratulations!

Riddim Magazine

The Glockwork runs – regardless

They shine with dedication, ambition, talent and skills and therefore even an incorrect print of their article in the recent Riddim #99 couldn’t diminish the greatness of Glockwork Posse, the Bavarian sound system that just won the  „Who Is The German Top Killer?!“ soundclash which gained the seven members the third trophy in their ten year long career. To provide the article for all readers without the print flaws, Riddim put my story online also including the right dubplate mix on the website. Yet, of course the 99th issue is still worth the buy as always, including an in depth portrait of rising talent Mortimer, a loving remembrance of Vaughn Benjamin, and a surprising story on Johnny Cash in Jamaica.

Riddim Magazine

Germaican themed Riddim edition

With major articles on Trettmann and Ricky Dietz, and Greeen, Tóke and Miwata gracing the cartoon like cover, Riddim #98 put a prime focus on the revitalized German Reggae scene. Also Sensi Movement, the sound system from Chemnitz is part of the local music fraternity and has been contributing to it for the past 16 years. As they are just now celebrating the 150th edition of their party series Dutty Wine, I couldn’t miss to speak with them about their past, present and future. But of course Riddim also includes international highlights such as the story behind the Red Gold Green & Blue album, Busy Signal’s Parts Of The Puzzle, and another chapter of the Dance In Jamaica series by Maggi Bönning-Ofori and Kai Eckold.

Riddim Magazine

Riddim is Made in Jamaica

For the third time the Riddim magazine dedicated an entire issue to the home of Reggae music to highlight it even more than usual with intriguing stories about the political situation, new trends and of course, the return of one of Jamaica’s biggest stars Buju Banton. I also got to speak to two extraordinary talents from the Caribbean island: singer and percussionist Feluké, and producer and director Dameon Gayle. Both shared with me their very special life and career, and gave me a deep insight into their works.  

Riddim Magazine

Riddim – A We Seh Family

For the top story of the recent issue Riddim linked Popcaan in Jamaica to speak to him not just about his new album produced by Dre Skull but also about the spirit of family he sings of. At the same time acts like Iriepathie are actually family and Mono & Nikitaman just created one – as well as an album they told the writers about. These and more stories are in the latest edition #94 as well as great portraits by Jamaican photographer Richard Williams. I contributed some reviews and my column Artist Mixes with works by Busy Signal, Naomi Cowan and Santigold. 

Riddim 93

Celebrating anniversaries with Riddim 93

Alborosie drops his album Unbreakable at 25 years in the music business, while Inner Circle have been making Reggae for even half a century, just as long as Trojan Records have been doing business. Also many festivals celebrate a special anniversary this year like Rototom, Reggae Jam and Reggae Geel. All the birthday boys and girls are being highlighted in the brand new issue of Riddim magazine, that includes its annual festival guide as well as intriguing stories and interesting news and facts. For the 93th edition I contributed some reviews and my Artist Mixes column.


Reggaeville on top again!

The entire team of Reggaeville is extremely excited and grateful at the same time having won the category Best Website at the readers’ poll of Riddim magazine for the eigth time in a row. The appreciation shown once more is heart warming and a great motivation for years and years to come!

Riddim Magazine

Double the power on the Riddim cover

Two great young talents are gracing the cover of the latest issue of the Riddim magazine as both Konshens and Romain Virgo just presented their new albums to the world. Their approach to global yard pop is one of the topics of the 92nd edition that also includes more interesting stories from the likes of David Rodigan, Bobby Digital and Micah Shemaiah. I contributed a review of Koffee’s latest single Raggamuffin in the Riddim Check.

Riddim Magazine #91

Motivational words in Riddim #91

“When you know you are right, don’t be afraid to stand up – Get Up And Show!” demands singer Iba MaHr and presents what is also the title of his brand new eight track EP produced by Oneness Records. In combination with the German production team from Munich the Jamaican artist put together a well-balanced piece of contemporary roots rock reggae with a vintage vibe and a universal message of courage, righteousness and bravery. For the recent issue of Riddim I spoke to Iba Mahr about his ideas, motivation and the collaboration across the Atlantic. The magazine that is out already in Germany also includes the Flashback for 2017 and more fascinating stories on Trettmann, Cham as well as the start of a new series on the history of dancing in Jamaica.