Wha Gwaan Munchy?!?

Sean Paul is live, living and laughing at Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!?

8 years after his first appearance at Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? Sean Paul returned to the show to talk about his massive new Dancehall album Live N Livin, about bredrins, bullets, bus driving, and why there is no female artist on his album, but 21 males. Additionally we introduce our new video segment on Reggaeville called In The News, we remember U-Roy and Bunny Wailer, introduce new releases from artists like Jaz Elise and Gentleman’s Dub Club and we celebrate the success of Teacha Dee’s Rastafari Way that will be featured in the upcoming James Bond movie.

Wha Gwaan Munchy?!?

Festive Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? with Santa Shaggy

For a festive final of 2020 I connected with Shaggy online to speak to him about his latest album Christmas In The Islands that features a long list of great artists from Beenie Man to Joss Stone, from Ne-Yo to Shenseea. In episode 56 of the show Mr Boombastic talks not only his music but gives an insight on how he spends the holidays, his culinary highlights of the season, and his New Year’s resolution for 2021 after this tumultuous Covid year. More news and recent releases come from Dub Inc, Tessellated, and Jerone. You can vote for your favorite album in the annual Album Of The Year poll, and for more Christmassy Reggae vibes – and the best weed and ganja tunes – you can check new playlists on Spotify curated by Reggaeville.  

Wha Gwaan Munchy?!?

Gentleman returns to Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? for German lessons

After more than 20 years in the business and six solo albums in English, Reggae superstar Gentleman dropped his first German album Blaue Stunde on November 20, 2020. Prior to the release we linked for a virtual Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? episode to talk realness and honesty, privacy and personality, walking the dog and Don Corleon’s language skills. Additionally the 55th shows introduces new music by Exile Di Brave, Rocky Dawuni, Kenny Smyth & Kumar, and Eesah.

Wha Gwaan Munchy?!?

Lutan Fyah touches di road to Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!?

Even though he presented several projects in 2019 already the ever productive musical talent Lutan Fyah also dropped another EP in January. Entitled Touch Di Road the longplayer was produced by German Oneness Records and shines with organic Roots music, rich instrumentation, and critical and observant lyrics about different aspects of life and our world in these modern days. For the 54th episode the singer touched di road to visit Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? in Kingston to talk about the EP, his inspiration, family, and his daughters. More new albums are also coming from Jah9, The Wailing Trees, and Chezidek, and also Jerone’s new single Give Me A Minute is featured in the recent show.

Wha Gwaan Munchy?!?

Mortimer graces Reggae Month – and Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!?

With his vocally, lyrically, and emotionally touching performances Mortimer was one of the most impressive highlights of this year’s Reggae Month in Jamaica. How the talent turned from cadet to musician, what he enjoys beyond music, and how open he can be with is fans are just some of the aspects he speaks about in the 53rd edition of Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!?. Spending February in Jamaica the episode also presents live footage from Bob Marley’s 75th earthstrong celebration at 56 Hope Road and the Essence – The Livity Of Reggae show in Kingston.

Wha Gwaan Munchy?!?

Bare talk with Devin Di Dakta at Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!?

With his EP Bare Thoughts Devin Di Dakta opened up about some very personal and controversial topics. At Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? the 2015 talent competition winner shares his story on suicide thoughts, weakness as a Dancehall artist, and the music business very openly and moving. Additionally the 52nd episode from Kingston, Jamaica takes a look back on 2019 and highlights the most popular album and most viewed video premiere on Reggaeville.

Wha Gwaan Munchy?!?

Musical statesman – Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? welcomes the Turf President Busy Signal

Straight from the 25th edition of the Reggae Jam Festival in Bersenbrueck, Germany comes the 51st episode of Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? that welcomes Dancehall artist Busy Signal to talk to him about his latest single releases, the collaboration tune Feel Good he did together with the veterans of Third World for their new album More Work To Be Done, and his own upcoming album Parts Of The Puzzle. More vibes from the festival weekend come through Lila Iké’s amazing live performance, and we reach out to Africa as we highlight the brand new music video from Kenyan Binti Afrika.

Wha’ Gwaanniversary with Koffee

In April 2013, we shot the very first episode of Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? with Kumar in Dortmund, Germany. The following years we produced shows in places like the snowy Austrian Alps or the blazing Florida heat. We have been invited to the homes of Alborosie and Inner Circle, and we were welcomed at the legendary 56 Hope Road in Kingston by Julian Marley. We filmed at festivals like Afrika Tage in Germany, Rebel Salute in Jamaica, and One Love Sound Fest in Poland. Twice we shot episodes on water: once in a boat on lake Fühlinger with the Jugglerz, and once on the Welcome To Jamrock Reggae Cruise in international waters somewhere between Miami and Montego Bay. We had not only singers but also musicians such as Notis, producers like Rory Stone Love, or comedians Twin of Twins as guests. Some of them like Marcia Griffiths and Christopher Martin joined the show unplanned just by randomly being on the scene, and Ganjaman transformed from camera man into interview guest in Jahcoustix’ episode. We never did a show with a sports personality but had ski hikers, swimmers, and surfers appearing in some. Our most frequent guest was Kabaka Pyramid, the most clicked one Popcaan, and the last thus far Koffee.

After a stunning and energetic performance at Summerjam Festival she joined Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? backstage to openly, jovial, and genuinely talk about her personality, the relationship with her mom, and the upcoming debut album. Besides more impressions from Summerjam like Popcaan’s live performance the 50th episode includes more news from Yellowman and his daughter K’reema, and of course we compliment another celebratee: Reggaeville is now 10 years old – on July 1, 2009 the website kicked off! Happy Anniversaries to all of us! Thank you for watching, clicking, reading, liking, sharing, supporting, and loving the music that unites us all!

Wha Gwaan Munchy?!?

And then… Christopher Martin joined Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!?

He just dropped his new album And Then… and then Christopher Martin joined Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? to speak about it as well as fatherhood, football and the Reggaeville Easter Special that currently led him to tour with Marcus Gad and Alborosie in Germany and the Netherlands. Besides the singer also The Emeterians and Lee “Scratch” Perry recently released new albums, and Duane Stephenson and Lutan Fyah teamed up for the single Empress Sativa that premiered with a music video on Reggaeville.

Wha Gwaan Munchy?!?

Wah Gwaan?! vs. Wha’ Gwaaan?! – Shaggy shares news on his latest album

Contrary to my regular format entitled Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!? it was Shaggy who presented his upcoming album by the name of Wah Gwaan?! to me in Kingston and seized the opportunity to also share his experiences at the Grammy Awards, the news about another tour with Sting and insights on his works and collaboration partners.