Riddim Magazine

Germaican themed Riddim edition

With major articles on Trettmann and Ricky Dietz, and Greeen, Tóke and Miwata gracing the cartoon like cover, Riddim #98 put a prime focus on the revitalized German Reggae scene. Also Sensi Movement, the sound system from Chemnitz is part of the local music fraternity and has been contributing to it for the past 16 years. As they are just now celebrating the 150th edition of their party series Dutty Wine, I couldn’t miss to speak with them about their past, present and future. But of course Riddim also includes international highlights such as the story behind the Red Gold Green & Blue album, Busy Signal’s Parts Of The Puzzle, and another chapter of the Dance In Jamaica series by Maggi Bönning-Ofori and Kai Eckold.