Konshens talks ups and downs on Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!?

Life is full of ups and downs. Konshens knows that being a successful superstar in Dancehall but also having to cope with the loss of his brother Delus two years ago. The foundation he started after the suicide, how Jamaicans deal with depression and anxiety but also his latest works including combinations with Ira Estrefi and Enrique Iglesias, and the album It Feel Good is what he talks about in the latest episode of Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!?. More new longplayers come from Mr. Vegas, Minister Marion Hall and Jah9, who has been touring Europe this summer. She was part of Reggae Jam festival as well as Ras Muhamad, who contributed a piece of his amazing video for Bambu Keras to the 44th edition of Wha’ Gwaan Munchy?!?.

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