Radio from Argentina to Bavaria

Not once but twice I switchted from interviewer to interviewee this November. For Argentine Reggae radio La De Dios I was asked by my colleague Santi Palazzo, fellow presenter of Radio Rototom. We spoke about women in Reggae and women in the world, new means of production for media, and of course the music, that brought us both together. To top it up, Santi also added a write-up to it. In the meantime in Bavaria things got a bit more rustic and hearty. On Bayern 1 backpacker show Rucksackradio everything’s about the mountains, that you can also find in Jamaica. Its highest, the Blue Mountain Peak, is the one my friend Gavin and I chose to climb this past February – at night, only with flashlights, to await sunrise at the very top. In Bettina Ahne’s radio show I tell her about the experience, that you can also listen now online or, especially if you don’t understand Bavarian, at least enjoy the photo gallery..