Reggaeville Yearbook 2016

It was an exciting year for Morgan Heritage. The Royal Family of Reggae won their first Grammy for the album Strictly Roots on February 15, toured almost without a break on not less than four continents and introduced their very own products aside of music such as Gramps Morgans coffee brand Java’Mon. In Ehtiopia they went on a spiritual expedition, in Japan Peetah got to enjoy his favorite dish Sushi and in Springfield, Massachusetts, they returned to their acutal roots and paid a visit to their former High School. Together with Mojo, Lukes, Gramps and Peetah I got to revisit the past twelve months in an in depth interview that you can now enjoy online and for free in Reggaeville’s Yearbook. The magazine is out now and bursts with the Reggae year’s highlights, photos, videos, interviews and reviews, as well as the long-awaited results of the Album of the Year poll.